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XML - Syntax Highlighter

XML Syntax Highlighter

Do you want to put some well-colored source code on your site, blog or forum? Perhaps you have tried some syntax highlighter before and you weren't satisfied? Then give our services a try!

What the XML highlighter provides:

The HTML syntax highlighter recognizes the embedded CSS and JavaScript code blocks, furthermore the Internet Explorer specific XML data islands and colors them the same as the corresponding language specific highlighter. Use the 'Generate Sample Code' button below to try it.
You can choose whether to add line numbers to the highlighted code. Line numbers make it easier to refer to a line in the description, but they increase the size of the highlighted code. For large codes, you can decrease the size of the highlighted code with compression (see below).
The syntax highlighter allows you to create three different buttons that help your visitors to copy or print the source code. You can enable or disable these footer buttons, as well as change their labels.
Note: the dottoro-highlighter-v4.js file must be included in every page where you use footer buttons.
Tab characters may optionally be replaced by spaces. If tab replacement is enabled, you may specify the number of spaces for tab characters to control the width of the indent to be used.
The syntax highlighter makes a difference between known, unknown and invalid language elements, and appends different style classes to them. A language element is known if it is supported by Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Opera.
Since the size of the highlighted code can be much more larger than the original source code, the highlighter provides a compression mechanism. The compressed code is optimized for search engines, so your code appears in search engines result pages (SERPs) in its original form.
- the generated HTML code is smaller
- your pages load faster
- JavaScript must be enabled in your visitors's browser
- the dottoro-highlighter-v4.js file must be included in every page where you use compressed highlighted code.
Finally, the syntax highlighter service is available through a SOAP interface. If you want to use this service programmatically, not manually, (e.g. for your forum), you can do it. For further details, please see the Service Keys page.
Please choose your options first, then click on the Highlight button below.
Note: your settings are saved if you are logged in.
Tab and indent size(1-20):
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Insert your XML source code into this field, or use the following button:
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