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Professional FREE Syntax Highlighter

for your website, blog or forum.

Welcome to Dottoro Syntax Highlighter

Welcome to Dottoro Syntax Highlighter

We offer a completely free code coloring solution for you.
Do you want to put some well-colored source code on your site, blog or forum? Perhaps you have tried some syntax highlighter before and you weren't satisfied? Then give our services a try!

Our highlighters create an HTML formatted text from your source code that you can be published to your site without high-level programming skills. They perform a detailed lexical analysis on the source code, based on commonly used browsers and attach different style classes to different language items. Attached CSS classes give you the ability to customize the appearance of the highlighted code as flexibly as possible. The resulting code is search engine friendly and it may optionally contain line numbers.

What you get from us What you get from us
HTML formatted highlighted code
detailed lexical analysis
easy customization
line numbered or simple code
SEO friendly code
optional links to help in understanding the code
rules and at-rules
selectors and pseudos
properties and values
line numbers
Cascading StyleSheet
embedded CSS
embedded JavaScript
XML data island
line numbers
Hypertext Markup Language
keywords, string, regExp ...
core JavaScript
client-side JavaScript
line numbers
Scripting Language
nodes, attributes, values
CDATA and comments
doctype support
line numbers
Extensible Markup Language
Service Keys
Reported Bugs