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About Dottoro Services

Dottoro Services, a division of Dottoro, has been providing professional and non-professional clients with a single source for a broad spectrum of web development and web language coding services since 2009. Our experts use the latest technologies to develop solutions for the web development industry.

The main objective of Dottoro is to bring together the most useful web coding services, such as Syntax Highlighter, Code Compressor, Code Beautifier and browser specific Validator, and make them accessible in a simple manner.

With several years of experience in software and web development, our goal is to provide the highest level of service for our users.
If you are interested in other products we carry, please visit our other pages:
  • Web Reference - Dottoro offers detailed language descriptions, browser support information, real life examples and where necessary, cross-browser solutions in CSS, HTML, XHTML and JavaScript languages.