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Plugins - Syntax Highlighter


Dr_Highlighter is based on the Dottoro Syntax Highlighter service that provides professional coloring for CSS, HTML, JavaScript and XML languages. It supports highlighting CSS, JavaScript and XML blocks embedded into HTML documents, optionally selectable line numbering and buttons for copying and printing code snippets.


  1. After downloading the Dr_Highlighter plug-in, unpack and upload the folder to the /wpcontent/plugins/ directory on your blog.
  2. Go to the Plug-ins tab in the WordPress administration panel, find the Dr_Highlighter plug-in on the list and click Activate.
  3. Proceed to the plug-in settings page (under Settings > Dottoro Highlighter) to configure your plug-in.
Download the plugin
Or simple visit Dottoro Syntax Highlighter plugin page at wordpress.org:

wordpress plugin page


Using of the Dr_Highlighter plugin is really simple.
  1. Just insert your code snippet in the Visual or HTML view,
  2. select it
  3. and press the Dr_Syntax button on the toolbar.
! You don't need to embed your source code into an element (such as PRE), just select the whole source that you want to highlight and press the Dr_Syntax button.

Clicking on the Dr_Syntax button pops up a dialog box where you can specify the settings for the highlighted code.

If you need to modify the appearance of a previously highlighted code, click into it then click on the Dr_Syntax button on the toolbar.

The default settings for the Dottoro Highlighter plugin can be set on the preferences page.

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